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On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, shortly after we exited the building, our beautiful, historic church suffered a devastating blow. Structural damage caused by a tornado coupled with delayed maintenance caused the roof of our beloved sanctuary to crumble into a pile of unrecognizable debris. We may be a small, aging congregation, but we have a vision not only to rebuild our church, but for the future of Selma. We are planting seeds and lighting a torch we hope you will help us bear.

First things first, we need your help clearing debris. We are working on grant and foundation funding that should cover the majority of planning, repair, and redevelopment, but before we can move forward, we must clear what remains from the collapse. This is where a small gift from you could have a huge impact on not only our church, but Selma's future.

Ways you can donate:


In Person

Donations can be made at Trustmark Bank in Selma, AL


By Mail

Donations can be mailed to:

PO Box 2153

Selma, AL 36702



Donations can be made online at Green Street's GoFundMe Page.

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